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As soon as your asphalt pavement is installed, it begins the slow process of deterioration.

Ultraviolet light and water cause the tar and oils, which hold the compacted rock and stone aggregate together, to begin to oxidize, causing that tar and oil to become progressively grey and brittle. This results in stone and rock near the surface to begin to break loose and begin to ravel away, resulting in pot holes and ruts.

Shifting in the sub base below the pavement causes cracks to appear. If not properly mitigated, these cracks will allow water to seep down to the sub base material below, creating perfect conditions for much worse shifting to occur. Alligator cracking is the industry term for a type of cracking that is caused by sub base failure, resulting in a large area forming spider webbed cracks, taking on the appearance of “alligator scales”.

Coal Tar Emulsion seal coating is the best friend you can find for your asphalt investment. In Woodland Park, Colorado, and most of the Pacific west and northwest, contractors now make use of Coal Tar Emulsion seal coating. We also have additives that can speed the dry time if time is of the essence. Coal Tar Emulsion sealer actually soaks into the asphalt to help rejuvenate the tar within, unlike the buckets of oil based sealer you might pick up at Walmart, which is akin to painting your driveway with Rustoleum.

Hot melted rubber crack fill is applied to the cracks in your asphalt pavement, filling them to the sub base and hardening, locking out detrimental water leaks. This hot rubber crack fill is the same material used by the State Highways and local municipalities to protect their roads. Special crack fill blends are available for alligator cracking, and is a lower cost alternative to sectional replacement.

Coal Tar Emulsion Seal Coating is priced at $0.25 per square foot, with hot rubber crack fill priced at $0.99 per linear foot. Alligator crack filling is priced at $2.95 per square foot. Pot hole patching, both large and small scale, must be priced on a case by case basis. Our current minimum is $299, and we do accept checks and credit cards.

With a routine combination of asphalt seal coating and hot rubber crack fill, you can protect your investment for decades, and avoid the extremely expensive costs of full pavement replacement.

Asphalt Parking Lot on Hwy 24 After Sealing and Striping
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