Asphalt Paving

Full Scale Asphalt Paving:

Starting at $3499

Standard Pavement can tackle all size projects, from two car driveways to small business parking lots.

Our projects include new pavement and sub-base installations, as well as restorative asphalt overlays.

Some driveways may be too steep for our gravity fed paving machine, but if this is the case, we are more than happy to refer you to vetted local contractors better suited for ultra-steep grades.

Advantages Over Concrete at High Altitude

Asphalt has distinct advantages over concrete at the altitudes this side of Ute Pass.

Concrete is a rigid pavement, meaning that during our hard freezes and ground swells, it is much more likely to crack, and concrete repairs are vastly more expensive than asphalt repairs.  Asphalt is a flexible pavement, meaning it is designed to bend and flex with the heaving ground as it freezes and thaws.

Initial installation of concrete is also much more expensive than asphalt, 2-3x more expensive.  A $5000 Asphalt Driveway would translate into around $12,000 for concrete.

Paving Gallery

Asphalt Driveway Installation in Woodland Park


Before Overlay
After Overlay


Asphalt Overlay


Overlay in Progress


RV Pad Installation


Large Scale Paving Woodland Park
Large Scale Paving Woodland Park


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